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Magnified: I Came For Couscous

I Came for Couscous is an independent magazine that highlights and contrasts voices and creative minds from the Arab world. Founding Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Mouna Anajjar shares some insights

Magnified: MC1R

Tristan Rodgers is the creator and editor of MC1R, the magazine for redheads.

Magnified: A Profound Waste of Time

“The scene of independent game makers continues to show how wildly inventive and exciting this medium can be.” Caspian Whistler is the creator and publisher of A Profound Waste of Time, a stunning magazine which pays tribute to the art of making videogames.

Magnified: It’s Freezing in LA!

Martha Dillon is founder and editor of this independent magazine which provides a platform for detailed, critical and fresh writing about climate change.

Magnified: The Funambulist

Paris-based architect Léopold Lambert is the founding editor of The Funambulist, a magazine dedicated to recording anti-colonial, anti-racist, queer, and feminist struggles. We speak to him about this project, its redesign after 40 issues and what’s in store.

Magnified: Eaten

Eaten is a self-published one person undertaking by Emelyn Rude. We chew the fat in her company.

Magnified: INQUE

INQUE is a beautiful annual literary magazine dedicated to extraordinary new writing. We speak to its co-founder and editor Dan Crowe about publishing on one’s own terms.

Magnified: Kindling

Kindling is the new kid on the publishing block. Editor in chief Harriet Fitch Little keeps the rattle in the pram as she tells us more.

Magnified: Hamam

Hamam is “The Magazine of Letting Go”. We speak to its founding editors Ekin Balcıoğlu and Steve Weiner about the communal joy of bathing.

Magnified: Lampoon

Lampoon Magazine is a fashion magazine with a crucial contemporary twist rigourously focusing on circular economies, sustainable development, crafting and cultural dialogues with leading voices in the field.

Magnified: Mag Culture – Jeremy Leslie

We check in with Jeremy Leslie, proprietor of our favourite magazine shop in London and someone who is immersed in the scene from retail to podcasts to conferences.

Magnified: Playful

Playful is a magazine that exists to highlight the beauty of all people’s choices, kinks and specialties.

Magnified: Safar Journal

Creating a magazine against the backdrop of the most severe of economic crises is something the team at Safar Journal are doing in Beirut. We are most grateful to Sharon Grosso, its managing editor, for taking the time in such trying circumstances to explain their mission and the situation on the ground.

Magnified: Dreaming

Dreaming is a magazine concoction of drag artist Candy Warhol and a beautiful team of queer Irish artists scattered around the world.

Magnified: Fucking Young!

Fucking Young! began as an inspirational platform focusing on youthful aesthetics. A decade of consistently championing the new and emerging has cemented its status in the pantheon of ongoing relevancy to readers and brands alike. We spoke to Eduardo García, its founder and director.

Magnified: Brick

Brick is a bi-annual magazine that documents the current landscape of hip-hop and its ever-expanding cultural reach. Its editorial director Sam Butler tells us its story.

Magnified: Monu

Bernd Upmeyer is a Rotterdam-based German architect and urbanist. He is the founder and the editor-in-chief of MONU, the biannual magazine on urbanism.


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