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Magnified: Nobody

Nobody is a magazine that strives to tell stories about everything else. Its co-founders Sami Emory and Tessa Love tell us why stories often overlooked are the ones they are most passionate about.

Magnified: Left Cultures

Left Cultures is “a Lexicon of Stories Past and Present”. We join the movement with Editorial and Art Director Phil Wrigglesworth.

Magnified: Pleasant Place

Pleasant Place is a collection of publications about the art of gardening catering to both those “who grow gardens as well as those who imagine gardens.” We sow the seeds of acquaintance with one of its editors-in-chief Lou-Lou van Staaveren.

Magnified: White Fungus

White Fungus is a Taiwan-based independent arts magazine set up by Kiwis Ron Hanson and his brother Mark. Its editor Ron steers us through the political and cultural scene there at the moment.

Magnified: Sociotype Journal

Sociotype Journal is a platform for thoughts on culture and society, that also happens to be a type specimen. Its co-founder Joe Leadbeater outlines its visual design.

Magnified: Avant

Celebrating the past of heritage clothing and inspiring the future of authentic menswear, AVANT believes that every garment has a story to tell. Its founder Eric Maggiori tells us about his bi-annual magazine.

Magnified: Tonic

Tonic magazine is a “heady cocktail of drink, travel and adventure.” We take a tipple with its co-founder Rob Ellison.

Magnified: Soлomiya

Soлomiya is both an itinerant group exhibition and an art object in itself, as a magazine. It is also an inspiring act of insight and defiance into the lives of Ukranians right now.

Magnified: Chutney

Chutney is an independent magazine of everyday stories of culture and identity, as told by marginalised and misrepresented voices. Designed, edited and founded by Osman Bari.

Magnified: Direction of Travel

Direction of Travel is a newspaper about airline maps and the culture of flying. It’s a love letter to the rich visual history of flying. Our captain for this flight is Christian Nolle.

Magnified: Where the Leaves Fall

Exploring humankind’s connection with nature, co-founder and editor of Where the Leaves Fall, David Reeve explains the passion behind this publication and project.

Magnified: BUTT

First founded in 2001, iconic gay mag BUTT is back. Its editor Andrew Pasquier tells us why.

Magnified: The Fence

“Somewhere between the old Spy magazines of New York in the ‘80s/‘90s, Viz and Private Eye. Somewhere in that Venn diagram is the essence of what we’re aiming at.” – Séamas O’Reilly.

Magnified: I Came For Couscous

I Came for Couscous is an independent magazine that highlights and contrasts voices and creative minds from the Arab world. Founding Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Mouna Anajjar shares some insights

Magnified: MC1R

Tristan Rodgers is the creator and editor of MC1R, the magazine for redheads.

Magnified: A Profound Waste of Time

“The scene of independent game makers continues to show how wildly inventive and exciting this medium can be.” Caspian Whistler is the creator and publisher of A Profound Waste of Time, a stunning magazine which pays tribute to the art of making videogames.

Magnified: It’s Freezing in LA!

Martha Dillon is founder and editor of this independent magazine which provides a platform for detailed, critical and fresh writing about climate change.

Magnified: The Funambulist

Paris-based architect Léopold Lambert is the founding editor of The Funambulist, a magazine dedicated to recording anti-colonial, anti-racist, queer, and feminist struggles. We speak to him about this project, its redesign after 40 issues and what’s in store.


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