VPN in Dublin: 5 Reasons Why To Use And 4 How-To-Steps

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What comes to your mind when you say ‘’Ireland’’? Picturesque landscape? Pubs? Why not travel to Ireland on Christmas holidays? Maybe Dublin will be your first destination?

But no matter where you live in Ireland or if you’re just planning a weekend there, you shouldn’t forget about your online safety and privacy there. That’s dead easy if you have a good VPN service for Ireland on your gadget.

But why have a VPN in Ireland and how to get the best of it there?

Let’s dive in right now!

5 reasons to use VPN

Here’s a list of the reasons below to think of:

  • Get around geo-restrictions;
  • Unblock US Netflix library from Dublin;
  • Protect your bank details secure while shopping online;
  • Keep your online identity private on the Internet;
  • Use free Wi-Fi and be protected against hacking.

Now some detailed explanations about the reasons above. But first, you need to understand what it is. I like this awesome article with a thorough explanation of VPNs.



Now let’s come back to the reasons.

While you’re in Dublin or wherever in Ireland, you can face restrictions determined by the geo-location or ISPs throttling. Torrenting is a rather controversial issue not only in the country but also in others as well. And here there was an attempt to block such file-sharing sites since 2009. So you will probably fail to access most of the torrents in Dublin.

As a follow-up to the issue of geo-restrictions, a VPN app will be useful if you are the fan of the US Netflix or travel to Dublin, but can’t miss your favourite show. Having connected via US servers, you’ll become a ‘’virtual American’’ and can unlock the US version of Netflix.

Another reason why to use VPN when you in Dublin is keeping your credentials in safety, away from the prying eyes of hackers. You never know when you may fall victim to hacking: at home or while traveling. So VPN will encrypt internet connections every time you go shopping online.

If you have a VPN on all your gadgets, your identity is more private, which is as relevant as ever after the new Data Protection Bill went into operation. Moreover, it’s not a secret how internet users’ privacy is invaded through browser, messages and even cameras.

And finally, while you are in Dublin, you won’t avoid surfing the net via free Wi-Fi spots. But don’t forget that most of them aren’t secure and full of hackers.

5 how-to steps to make your Internet safer with VPN

  • Thoroughly choose a VPN provider. Among the most important questions to ask about VPN are:
  • What protocols are applied?
  • Are logs kept?
  • Is it based in 5 eyes?
  • What’s the server network?
  • What platforms is it compatible with?
  • Don’t ignore a free trial if it is offered by the VPN provider. Conduct a few very important tests: IP/DNS leak and speed test. Besides, try US servers for Netflix (Netflix is very strict about VPN use).
  • Download and install the VPN app on the devices you use in Dublin: smartphone, laptop or PC.
  • Turn the VPN on every time you connect to the Internet there.

You might be wondering what VPN providers to consider. Well, among the best ones are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. They are the most popular according to users’ reviews and what is more important, they all the above tests are successful as regards privacy and safety on the network.

About the author

Dainan Gilmore is an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity and works as a data privacy advisor for Bestvpnrating.com.


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