The 4 Most Searched Love Questions on the Internet During Quarantine

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Love. A word with a few letters loaded with a lot of value and intensity. A word that in times of so many changes not considered before, even if all of it is temporary, feeds lots of emotions and feelings within people.

Being in quarantine in times of the COVID-19 is a challenge all over the planet. In addition to concerns about containing the virus, it affects what can happen in someone’s personal and working life in times of confinement. These are details that can generate lots of doubts and sometimes, they awaken new fears.

There are couples who claim that quarantine can save a marriage. On the other hand, some bet distance has slowly killed any interest in new couples or to those who use dating apps, even the desire for Dublin escorts, which now can only be seen virtually. There are even those who believe that the new 24-hour routine together can be the decisive moment to end an already worn-out relationship once and for all.

In any case, none of the aforementioned theories are proven, love and desire are still the essentials. It’s not just about romantic love that is calm and patient. During this time, you have to find a way to move on without casual encounters or meetings with escorts in Cork.

However, when it comes to love, in couples who really carry with them the desire to make that feeling stronger, anything can be possible. And if there is no couple? Then it may be the perfect time to find interesting people who in the future will become more than just virtual friends.

Skokka has found the 5 most searched questions about love during quarantine. It is very necessary to explain that each case is unique, each person has a type of reaction and that none is less important than others.


1- How can I have a healthy life at home with my partner during quarantine?

The emergency that leads to social distancing forces couples to go through a process of adaptation that is necessary to maintain a good relationship. It is more than just sharing popcorn in the late afternoon.

But the truth is that routines require affection to sustain any relationship. To have a healthy day, you have to look for alternatives to disconnect from everything that happens outside. Change the mindset, in the sense of taking advantage of the details while enjoying the love between the couple.

None of this is a mystery. Besides an essential effort in having patience and gratitude, the organization of the physical and mental space are the keys for the routine to be organized as well.


2- How to overcome love at a distance in quarantine?

There is a debate between couples who are together and those who have to go through quarantine separately. What are the advantages?

For couples who are forced to go through quarantine separately, the wait for the reunion is long, as it is for those who wish to see the beautiful escorts in Melbourne again. After all, human beings need to interact with others on a daily basis.


3- How to flirt in quarantine to find love?

Before quarantine began, many young people who were used to parties and meetings with friends, remained single by their own free will. A few months after social distancing began in several countries, there was an increase in the search for applications to meet people.

Among single people, despite the confinement and after so much time alone valuing the fact that they can have a healthy relationship when all this happens, there are doubts about how to flirt without looking desperate for just sex.

The depth of the conversation is the important key at this time. Emotions and the desire for sex can be the worst combination in the case of meeting someone.

To meet the people of the profile you are looking for, considering that the contact will be totally virtual at first, the recommendation is to be calm and ask subtle questions with some interesting content. That is, one step further. And in case it is a different profile to what you are looking for and the conversation doesn’t flow… better try to move on with other people!


4- Is quarantine a bad time to find love?

Everyone has a different conclusion about love and their needs, but when there is love, there is never a bad time. It is true that each person has reactions and desires that can arise at different times, but a couple that gets along well, where there is understanding, and above all respect, can go through that situation and come out of it stronger than before.

It is when limits are discovered, when some tools are used that help to improve conflicts. At the same time, it is important to avoid boredom, either as a routine that becomes heavy with time. Being with a person 24 hours a day tests whether the love is still alive.


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