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For anyone who is about to start a blog, they should know what they are getting into. Being a writer is one of the most rewarding jobs or pastimes in 2023, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. On the contrary, when you are talking to potentially millions of invisible people, it can be quite common to get your tongue tied.

The important thing is sticking to what you believe in and relaying your passions eloquently and clearly. At least, that’s what Emilija Cvijanovic thinks. The established casino author Emilija is one of the best blog writers in the business, and she knows how to make a blog tick. We talked to her earlier this month about what it takes to not only start an iGaming blog but to take it to the next level.

“I Like To Think My Opinion Matters”

Hi There, Emilja. Can You Start By Telling Us How You Got Into iGaming Content?

Of course! I’ve always been a writer, and I believe the best writers write what they’re passionate about. For me, that became the iGaming industry. I started getting involved when I was in university in Dublin.

Not only am I a player, but I’m a big tech fan, and I love how the industry is constantly being changed by new introductions. It never sits still, and so I wanted to write about it. I like to think my opinion matters, so I put it to other people, and they seemed to think that too! I got the job with AskGamblers toward the end of my third year in Dublin, and I’ve loved it here ever since!

“Absorb Everything”

That’s Awesome. To Anyone Wanting To Start Their Own iGaming Blog, What Advice Would You Give Them?

Woah, straight in at the deep end! Well, first off, meet your deadlines. If you’re just starting out, it should mean you’re brimming with ideas and dying to get them down on the page. So there’s no real excuse for missing deadlines, and if you’re doing it this early, then your heart’s not really in it! Apart from that, you need to be absorbing things.

Seriously, absorb everything. What are the new trends in the iGaming industry? What are the best-reviewed games? Which slots are performing well? You need to know an A-Z of online casinos, the best bonuses, packages, the list goes on and on. Those are things you should get in your head if you want to write about them accurately and passionately.

Sounds Like A Lot!

It is, but I’ve got a big head. Not metaphorically. I’ve literally got a very big head.

I Think Your Head Is Adequately Sized. But Anyway, Talking Of The iGaming Scene, What Exactly Is Going On At The Moment?

Everything! Everything Is Going On! The introduction of AR and VR has been the biggest revolution, I think. Or, at least, it will be. I think it will be as big a tide-turner as Apple was when they released the iPhone in 2008. That really shifted the iGaming industry into the big time, when everyone could play games on their mobile phone at any time. That was huge, and it has sent the iGaming industry to the $286.50 billion market worth that it is now.

Did You Just Pluck That Number From Your Head?

Like I said, it’s a big head. Plenty of things to pluck from there.

So What You’re Saying Is, There’s A Lot To Write About?

Always. The iGaming industry never stays still.

“If People Are Going To Listen To Your iGaming Opinions, They’ve Got To Trust You”

So What About People Who Run An iGaming Blog But Want To Take It To The Next Level?

To them, I would say you need to be a bit more savvy. Really double down on your SEO. Make sure your words are being noticed not just by people on Google but by Google itself. That can bump it up a bit and help more people to find it and read it. You’ve also got to know how to build a following on social media. If people are going to listen to your iGaming opinions, then they’ve got to trust you. And the best way to do that is to show them who you are. Connect with your readers on social media, get onto their level, and always encourage dialogues – even outside of the blog.

As for the blog itself, make sure you’re set on certain topics. It can be so easy to ramble, but each article must be focused and tell the reader what they want to know, whether that’s information on a new game or specific casino regulations in a certain country. Remember, lots of people write blogs. Not everyone does it well. So if you do it well, and you make sure you put the effort in, you’ll get your readers.

That All Sounds Easy Enough. Any Last Piece Of Advice?

Keep at it. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep publishing fresh, shareable content. But you’ll get there. For me, with AskGamblers, there’s always something new to write about and explore. So make sure you keep your passion, go looking for it, and write it all down without fear. Good luck!


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