Dublin and How to Use Cryptocurrencies

Posted December 3, 2019 in More

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Cryptocurrencies have become almost common knowledge in many parts of the world and are no longer being taken up by savvy tech types and Silicon Valley bosses. Everyone can get involved, invest in them, use them to send borderless payments and businesses can use them to attract new markets. They are adding convenience, speed and cost-effectiveness to purchases, but they are also becoming more accessible.

The accessibility of crypto for businesses and everyday people is helping them grow. To get involved and start paying with or accepting crypto, all you need is some knowledge about them, a trusted exchange and a secure wallet. The latter can be one of the hardest decisions with many people choosing the Luno Bitcoin wallet due to its blot-free safety record. With these three things, you or your business is ready to handle crypto.

How Dublin Has Warmed to Crypto

Those businesses and people who want to use crypto in Dublin will find it easier with the city offering many innovative ways for people to get involved. In fact, Dublin is one of the pioneering cities with multiple crypto-embracing businesses popping up. Here are just three of the best.

1. Dublin’s First Crypto Café

Nash Basel has always been a fan of crypto and made successful steps in his personal investments. Today, he has used his success to open up a café on Aungier Street in Dublin. However, if you pop down for a cappuccino any time soon, you will notice something very different about Basel’s establishment. The café is a crypto café, meaning you can pay for your winter warmer with digital currencies. The café is said to be influenced by Prague’s own pioneering Bitcoin Coffee café.

2. Crypto Beers in Dublin

Head to Dame Lane via Dame Street in Dublin to discover the Berlin Bar. This hip little establishment is also waving the crypto flag in Dublin and accepting crypto in exchange for pints and food. The bar is already a hit with locals and tourists, and it may become even more popular when more crypto fans hear that it is accepting bitcoin.

3. More Expected with Dublin’s New Crypto ATMs

It is not just businesses that are benefitting from a crypto revolution in Dublin. There are also signs that the everyday person now has easier access to crypto. This can be seen in a bitcoin ATM being installed in the city. Visit Pair Mobile on Wicklow Street to find the ATM and buy bitcoins for cash.

Dublin Promoting Crypto

These small changes highlight big changes in the way Dublin locals and businesses are choosing to operate. With more accessibility and reason to own crypto around the city, it can only promote the likes of bitcoin and help make it more mainstream – an alternative option rather than something unknown.

Image Credit: Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash


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