Can online gambling save Dublin casinos from Coronavirus?

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Everybody knows what is happening right now in the world, but if you somehow live under a rock, we will fill you in. COVID-19, known as Coronavirus, is a disease that had its outbreak in China, Wuhan in December 2019. It affects the human lungs and airways and comes with symptoms as cough, fever and shortness of breath. The best way to prevent taking this virus is to stay indoors, avoid crowded places and wash your hands frequently.

Due to this virus, most of the places are starting to close in Dublin and the rest of the United Kingdom, from schools to bars, restaurants, coffee shops and casinos. Gambling enthusiasts may be disappointed with this decision, but the best part is that you can still gamble online, safe from the comfort of your home.

Why are the casinos closing?

Right now, in Ireland, there are 366 people infected with Coronavirus, and 129 there are just in Dublin. Because it spreads so easily, most of the countries decided to close public places and to ban gatherings over 100 people. The disease can be transmitted through handshakes or any type of touching and even through the air. This means that in a place like a casino, where lots of people come daily, COVID-19 can be easily passed from one person to another. Just by touching the slot machines or even the money can get you infected. This measure was taken for everyone’s safety.

These days are best to stay at home with your loved ones and to enjoy your free time doing what you like.

Are online casinos the same as land-based ones?

If you’re that kind of punter that always enjoyed walking to the closest gambling establishment and relish in the atmosphere and machines’ sound, you may be a little reluctant. The great thing about online gambling is that it offers all the features present in a brick-and-mortar casino in the comfort of your home.

At online casinos, you can play the same slots as you would in a physical one. The great news? You have at your disposal more than 100 titles to choose from and for some website even thousands. The graphics are better, the gameplay is better and the fun is guaranteed.

Players that enjoy table games don’t have to fret. Online platforms prepared for you regular versions of Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat, but if you want to experience the real deal, go for the live feature. Most of the casinos provide this, so will have the option to choose from various games and be treated like you deserve by the well-prepared croupiers.

If you worry about the moment when you want to cash out, you have no reason. UK gambling platforms offer only trustworthy banking options, so be sure that your funds will be safe. The processing payout time depends on the casino you choose.

Why go for online gambling

Why wouldn’t you choose to gamble on whatever casino you like lying on your comfortable sofa? This area of entertainment develops constantly so there’s no wonder that now you can play on gaming sites that have top-notch features, such as:

  • A plethora of games: these sites offer all kinds of titles from slots to Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and even Bingo. Also, they collaborate with the best software developers and deliver only qualitative products that come with amazing visuals and sounds.
  • All kinds of promotions: most online casinos give bonuses to new or existing gamblers. These offers consist of additional funds, extra spins or even cashback.
  • VIP clubs: players that enjoy gambling on a certain platform will have the option to join loyalty schemes that come with tailor-made benefits like VIP support, daily promotions or invitations to exclusive events.
  • VR features: if the live characteristic is not enough for you, you can turn to the VR one. Sure, not all casinos have that, but if you find out one that does, you may as well give it a try.

An important factor is to always check the bonus policy before making any payments. Deals are different depending on the platform you choose, so a quick trip down to the terms and conditions can save you from any inconvenience. Every deal is different, thus the rules shall be different too.

Will COVID-19 affect the casinos from Dublin?

Since most of the casinos have online platforms, the impact won’t be that big. The players that already have online accounts will continue to gamble without any worries and the ones that are used to walking to place a bet, will have to adapt to the situation and try some slots at home. We can say that for some casinos it will be a profitable time because the online part will generate more revenue as the brick-and-mortar establishment used to give.

After these being said, is better to stay inside and to protect yourself. Although most of the people have mild symptoms, for individuals that are older or have health issues, it can cause deadly outcomes. Spend your time indoor and enjoy some awesome gambling sessions. All you need is a strong Internet connection, a PC or a portable device and you can join some of the best UK online gambling platforms.



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