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Scaffolding: Gemma Dunleavy and Billy Scurry

“The ghetto is not short of talent, it’s short of resources.” – We sit down with musician Gemma Dunleavy and her uncle DJ Billy Scurry as they share stories of their inner city roots, the women who reared them and how they inspire each other.

Cinema Review: Vivarium

“What really makes Vivarium so compelling is its sheer revulsion for children.” – Jack O’Higgins

Choice Covers: Fontaines D.C. – Dogrel

“It was shot in 1967 at the Duffy & Sons circus.” Tim Putnam of Partisan Records walks us through the hunt for a fitting photograph for Fontaines D.C.’s Dogrel.

Choice Covers: Mick Flannery

“I’m dependably useless when it comes to visual ideas.” Singer/songwriter Mick Flannery and graphic designer Matt “Punchy” McQuaid talk about the process of creating the cover for Flannery’s self-titled sixth album.

Choice Covers: Jafaris – Stride

Jafaris explains how he and his videographer Nathan Barlow depicted his inner struggles in a visually engaging and innovative manner on the cover for Stride.

The Reckoning – Rob Doyle

“Underneath it all is this quite old fashioned quest for something transcendental, something sublime, profound and meaningful.” We talk to Rob Doyle ahead of the release of his new novel, Threshold.

Choice Covers: Maija Sofia – Bath Time

Maija Sofia discusses her inspirations and her collaborations with photographer Jilly McGrath while Emer Kiely talks us through the design process for Sofia’s debut album Bath Time.

Artsdesk: Under The Wrong Star – Michael Robinson

Blending original and found materials, Michael Robinson creates collaged films exploring the emotional mechanics of popular media, the nature of heartache, and the instability of the reality we inhabit.


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