Moby – Mistake

Posted October 16, 2009 in Music Reviews

Bello Bar

Ahead of a shiny deluxe version of new album Wait For Me hitting the shops, Moby has released a new single ‘Mistake’. In keeping with Moby’s back catalogue it is an animated video in the vein of ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ and ‘Pale Horses’. The video circles on the figure of a sad little man (‘the little idiot’) in bedroom pining for loved one, this time a dog. Moby may be one of the most affable musicians around but sadly there is nothing special about this tune; the sound is what we’ve come to characterise as distinctly Moby to say the least. The beat plods along without really getting anywhere and you get the distinct impression Moby has resigned himself to creating music for dentures advertising or ITV dramas. In a bad case of “video killed the radio star”, the animation is more entertaining than the single and is the sole redeeming feature.
Words: Lisa Hughes



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