Audio Review: Lamont / Bailey / Wall – BOOM!

Posted 5 months ago in Music Reviews

Café 1920 opening

Lamont / Bailey / Wall


[Self Released]

Following a prolonged gestation, funky synthpoppers L/B/W drop their first full-length, employing good-time grooves to consider the economic bust-boom wheel of fortune that remains so sensitive a topic on this island.

The newly beefed-up quintet clearly know their beans, delivering a concise and effective distillation of Krautrock, worldbeat, funk and ambient electronic, occasionally diverting to go full 1980s throwback.

Affectionately channelling the likes of Hot Chip and Talking Heads, much of the album hangs on James Bailey’s pronounced bass licks, as BOOM!’s various sonic touchstones converge to yield a snappy, high-spirited debut effort.

Words – Killian Barry


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