Audio Review: HAIM – Something To Tell You

Posted 11 months ago in Music Reviews

RD Dublin 2018


Something To Tell You


Despite taking a relatively long time between their sleeper hit debut and Something Tell To You, the Haim sisters’ timing has ended up being impeccable. In the interim, their reputation blossomed as their chewy, kinetic pop moments — which less than subtly suggested Stevie Nicks’ solo work — got more and more props during the booming poptimist climate amongst mainstream music media.

But perhaps that is to give Este, Danielle, and Alana too little credit, for it was not just kismet that landed them in the spotlight, but an ability to deliver bombastic hooks by the bucket load and widespread respect of their peers for their performances that helped form HAIM’s rep.

Something Tell To You is really precise in its delivery of said hooks: every song could appear on a generic Classic Hits FM station and not sound out of place. Your tolerance for this record will depend on your taste for the saccharine, because they lay the sweet on really thick. It feels like the inevitable soundtrack to a million festival-fit Snapchat story singalongs yet to be written.

Words – Ian Lamont

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