Audio Review: The Bonk – The Bonk Seems To Be A Verb

Posted 9 months ago in Music Reviews

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The Bonk

The Bonk Seems To Be A Verb

The Bonk Seems To Be A Verb brims with glorious arrangements, evoking soundscapes as disparate as the woodland scenes of In Praise of Vril and the galactic realms of ambience found on Cipher and Monologue’s.

Fronted by O Emperor’s Phil Christie, The Bonk giddily infuse 1960s garage with jazz and experimental pop; the end result playing, in its rogue ingenuity, like a reincarnated Captain Beefheart.

Incorporating textures as diverse as indecipherable growling vocals, washboards, shimmering synths and improvised melodies, TBSTBAV is dynamic, addictive and exceptional.

Words – Zara Hedderman



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