Choice Covers: All Tvvins – IIVV (Warner Music) 

Posted March 2, 2017 in Music Features

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The Choice Music Awards is an annual celebration of the best Irish albums. We delve a little deeper to discover the story behind the album artwork chosen by some of the contenders and its relationship to the music in question.

The boys from All Tvinns combined the forces of art director Alex Cowper and photographer Ruth Medjber to realise their cover look.

“The artwork was created by art director, Alex Cowper. Alex has been involved since our first single release and we felt he captured visually the full aesthetic for the band. He has worked on some massive records and has a lot of experience so we were very grateful to get a chance to work with him on every release. We began with a meeting to get a basic idea of what we were trying to convey and run through textures, themes, colours that we liked etc. Alex got back with a few ideas and we knew that he was on to something straight away.

I think we knew that we wanted the main album cover to feature the band somehow but we didn’t want it to be obvious. There is a visual consistency to our singles and this is a combination of a lot of the single artworks. It came through a lot of discussions with our art director on the themes on the album, he was really the star of the show who built on this.


We were photographed by Ruth Medjber for the head shots in her studio in Dublin which was the foundation for the artwork. We sent over images of what he thought could work for the main cover and spent a bit of time trying different to capture the look and layout of it ourselves. Alex, then, worked away on adding his unique style to the core photo. We thought a lot about layout, text, sizes and style etc. but felt after many different iterations that we really wanted the core art to be the key, we didn’t want text to dominate that, hence it’s quite stripped back, bare and blended in. We are really happy with the end result, Alex is a fantastic artist and it was pretty amazing after months of work to get a physical copy on vinyl.”


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