Club Sandwich: Lunchtime Dancing @ Twisted Pepper

Posted November 12, 2012 in Clubbing Previews

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Sometimes, we don’t move a single muscle at lunchtime. There’s a strategy, you see. We wait for hunger to break the first person in the office down, ply them with cash for sambos, and wait, hands wrapped around midriff and head on table, for their return. (On days when everybody’s feeling resolute, we just get chip butties from Apriles).

Twisted Pepper is offering a very strange incentive to get us off our lunchtime arses. Club Sandwich, now in its second edition, is a mid-afternoon opportunity to dance while you dine. Taking its cues from the lunch beat movement that’s taken off in Stockholm, London, and New York, you can now get your grub from the much-loved 3FE and hit the Twisted Pepper basement for some house and techno. The prospect of delving into dark, dance dungeons at lunch might appear a little obtuse, but given that dancing releases endorphins (yes, even without little chemical helpers) and is a way less boring way to burn calories than walking on a treadmill for an hour after work, we think Club Sandwich might be on to a winner. Just don’t sneak any pints.

Crunch at lunch this November 16th @ Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey Street.




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