Ben Klock

Ian Maleney
Posted November 22, 2012 in Clubbing Previews

Central Bank of Ireland Visitor Centre

The man needs no introduction but we’ll give you one anyway. Ben Klock is the big cheese in Berghain, a resident of the world’s best techno club known for his marathon sets that expertly thread the fine line between pummelling and uplifting. He’s a techno superstar like few others of the modern era and the face of Berlin techno to many. He plays the basement regularly enough but each one is guaranteed to be a roadblock. People just keep coming back for more and when it’s this good, who could blame them?

Where: Twisted Pepper

When: Saturday, 10.30pm

The Damage: €15 (Details:

Check out this mix from Klock to get an idea of what you’re in for:
Ralph Jordan