Tickets Already on Sale for Dublin Tech Summit 2018

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Source: Gary Vaynerchuk via Facebook 

After a hugely successful event this year, tickets are already on sale for Ireland’s largest annual tech conference in 2018. The first ever Dublin Tech Summit 2017 (see below) back in February was a resounding success, and featured influential speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk and investors including Cindy Gallop, along with many young start-up companies. The next instalment promises to be even bigger, and will surely attract some of the biggest businesses from the Emerald Isle and other neighbouring countries.

In the rapidly expanding world of online businesses, tech summits like the one held in Dublin are becoming more and more prevalent. There’s Project 16 in New Zealand, Web Summit in Portugal, and the Fortune Growth Summit in the U.S among many others. Aspiring business owners can go to these events to learn valuable skills and gain knowledge that will boost their own chances of developing a successful company.

The speakers at the Dublin event in February included Matthew Luhn, a Pixar story creator, who focused on drilling the fact that internet start-ups that want to flourish must instantly grab the customer’s attention. For instance, a young online casino company would have to emulate the top dogs if it wanted to have any chance of rivalling them. Veteran operators like William Hill have striking landing pages where players can check Live Casino promotions, which tend to be highly visible. The bonus values are written in large gold letters, for example, and the options to click the bonus links are clear and straightforward. Startups can emulate ideas like this and grab clients’ attention, as outlined by Luhn.

Another important point made at the 2017 event was by Cindy Gallop, CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld, and that was to try to change the world around your idea (see above for the full video). A real-life example of this could be virtual reality at the moment. The craze has yet to take off massively because the creators of the products and software have yet to convince global audiences why they need to start using VR. When the iPhone shot to worldwide fame, Steve Jobs did a great job at persuading people that their lives needed to be organised into neat little apps on the phone screens. Now these apps are the norm.

Anyone who has a great business idea but just needs that final push and extra advice should definitely attend next year’s event. The 2018 summit takes place in April, and tickets are already on sale via the organiser’s website. This year there were over 10,000 attendees from 69 different countries, and more than 250 speakers. Luhn said it was: “An amazing event that brings the best in the tech world together.” It was an extraordinary achievement to say it was the debut year of the summit, and there is no doubt that next year’s edition will be bigger and better.

The 2018 summit will feature a number of different themes including big data, fintech, innovation, sustainability, and cyber security. The speakers are yet to be confirmed, but judging by the talent in attendance at the last event there are sure to be some huge names. Interested parties can sign up to the newsletter on the event’s website to receive notifications relating to the 2018 summit.



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