Roadmap: Eddie Kenrick – The Punks

Posted 5 months ago in More

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A self-professed “Dublin City Rocker” Eddie Kenrick gives a bold yet intimate glimpse into the Irish punk scene today in his photozine The Punks.

Featuring photographs of Brighton-based bands Vile Spirit and State Funeral going wild in Smithfield’s Jaja Studios, Kenrick artfully captures the raw energy of a punk gig through haphazard composition and blurs of light and smoke.

The zine juxtaposes those visceral anarchic gig photos alongside images of Repeal marches, and a rather wholesome picture of a couple outside The Bray Head, to create a sense that being punk is more than just a music genre.

Kenrick uses black and white 35mm film to add another form of rebellion into the mix, a rebellion against the selfie-obsessed digital photography age.

€8 / €11 (postage)


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