In Search of Quality: Tommy Vivian Coppinger Row

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BIMM January 2018
Bello Bar

Tommy Vivian is the mixologist maestro of the perpetually buzzy Coppinger Row.

“I started working in restaurant kitchens as a teenager and moved to bars in college. After that, around 2012, I moved into restaurant bars where the best bars were. Coming to Coppinger was a no brainer for me because of its reputation for great food, great cocktails and setting trends in the city centre.

The bar scene has exploded in the last five or six years putting Dublin on a par with the bigger cities, helped by the likes of Oisin Davis from Great Irish Beverages and young bartenders coming back from the States and Australia. Bars are starting to imitate those scenes, getting smaller, more intimate and full of individuality, which is helping to push the scene along and drive creativity.

The Irish palate is warming to bitterer drinks and ‘herbaceous’ is the adjective of the moment. Jägermeister is great in cocktails because as a premium product its balance and quality make it far more versatile than similar, inferior products. It must be something to do with those 56 ingredients! Shoot it, mix it, sip it or shake it, it does something for everyone.”

Never accept copycats.

Please drink Jägermeister responsibly.



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