How to Get a True Taste of Ireland When Visiting the UK

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Travelling to the UK and fancy a bit of properly-prepared classic Irish stew? Looking to dig into a steamy, freshly baked shepherd’s pie or coddle? While Ireland’s delicious cuisine is composed of classic and traditional dishes of all sorts, just because you aren’t there doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some hearty Irish meals right here in the UK. Authentic and freshly prepared Irish food is served all over, whether you’re ordering a takeaway, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or just out and about, you can be sure to find some timeless and traditional Irish meals close by. Everything from black pudding, Irish lamb stew and more come together to deliver the true taste of Ireland wherever you are.

Celebrate the tastes of Ireland on St. Paddy’s Day

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Starting off with perhaps the most Irish of days, March 17th is your chance to find some truly authentic Irish cuisine served just about anywhere you look. Now just because we aren’t amongst our Irish brothers and sisters on the home turf doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some incredibly good Irish meals. Every year in London’s Trafalgar Square, the St. Patrick’s Day festival draws in thousands of people and most importantly, vendors who join in on events, music and cultural performances to enjoy every bit of Ireland’s favourite holiday. Grab yourself a pint of Guinness and drop by the countless food stalls loaded with hot pies and mash, black pudding scotch eggs, corned beef sandwiches, and so much more. As authentic as Irish food can get, the St. Patrick’s Day festival is a prime example of the UK’s selection of Ireland’s wholesome hearty meals.

To The Front Door?

For nights when nothing could possibly make more sense than camping out by the telly and ordering dinner to your door, that Irish craving can still be tackled with the click of a button. App-based services such as Deliveroo are able to get those scrumptious, all-time favourites right from the oven and delivered to the comfort of your own home, including that one-of-a-kind home cooked Irish taste for which you’re hunting. If it isn’t just Irish food you’re after, you can grab anything from the best Chinese takeaway in town, to tasty Indian curries. After all, your favourite Chinese dish may remind you of home in Ireland just as much as a full Irish breakfast nowadays. A swipe, search and click away, it’s now possible to explore all of Ireland’s best treats served right here in England, and straight to your dining table.

Irish Street Eats

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While St. Patrick’s Day festivities take place on a single day, that’s not to say that the rest of the year is Irish-free. Scattered all over England are some of the best pubs, restaurants and street food vendors all offering their unique and riveting take on traditional Irish recipes. Head over to Brick Lane in London for some truly divine variations of Ireland’s favourite dish, a good old corned beef sandwich. Explore the timeless classic and bring together the best of Irish meats and all the flavours you adore and love into a handheld, unforgettable meal.

Some would argue that a breakfast isn’t really a breakfast unless black pudding is involved. Thankfully the UK isn’t short on this superfood, and you can order a full Irish/English breakfast from just about anywhere you go. Don’t hesitate to step out and start exploring different places for some great, authentic Irish dishes.

If you thought leaving Ireland meant ditching the scrumptious foods you know and love, think again! When the craving comes knocking, make sure to keep our tips in mind.

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