Dublin Dining Guide: Colin Dickson – Green 19

Posted November 17, 2017 in Food & Drink Features

Café 1920 opening

Green 19 is the forebearer of the Camden Street food scene in some respects. When it opened back in 2008, there was no Bunsen, no Pickle, no Sakura or no Tapas De Lola. It still stands out as one of the most consistent quality food offerings in the city. Owner Colin Dickson reflects on this status.


Green 19 is almost like the elder institution in the food game on Camden Street by now. What do you think of the dramatically changed scene on your stretch?

It’s great, we were keen to see the street move away from late night drinks and fast food only. Our team are always trying to evolve and change our food and drink offerings so it’s great to see the street changing also. It keeps the area vibrant and exciting for everyone in the neighbourhood.

You relaunched the brunch menu this summer. What considerations went into this?

We wanted something that would be a bit different from the other brunches in town. Something a little exotic, a bit sexy, that would pair well with cocktails, and dishes you can share with a bunch of friends.


What are the tips for success and survival? If you were to launch tomorrow morning would you do it all the same?

The success of each restaurant is very different, we all have different goals of what we want to achieve but it all comes down to one thing; wanting to look after people, helping them enjoy themselves and hopefully make a few new friends along the way, the same as we would when inviting friends into our house.


What is working beside a sibling like?

Myself and Adam started working together in 1996 so we got any difficulties of working with family out of the way pretty quickly. Over 20 years later it’s good to know we are both on the same page instinctively.


Are there any food trends, customer habits which became apparent in 2017?

People want to eat “Cleaner”. There are a lot more people asking for meals without ingredients like gluten or dairy. This is something we are really conscious of when creating new menus.


Name a perennial favourite and recent discovery in the dining scene in Dublin?

L’Gueleton on Fade st has been a favourite since it opened and the team in Delahunt up here are doing a fantastic job.



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