Cinema Review: Fifty Shades Darker

Posted 11 months ago in Cinema Reviews

BIMM January 2018
Bello Bar

Fifty Shades Darker

Director: James Foley

Talent: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Eric Johnson, Eloise Mumford

Released: 17th February


Fifty Shades Darker trades the excitement of bondage for the everyday bindings of domesticity. The drama of the first film’s ending is done away with in the first ten minutes of this picture — Anastasia and Christian waste no time in getting back together — and then it’s business as usual. In fact, the highs and lows of their relationship are so thinly drawn and inconsequential that Fifty Shades Darker feels like a nothing movie.

You’d be hard pressed to recall what actually happens in this film. It’s forgettable, poorly paced pap. As with the first outing, the sex doesn’t elevate the material. Again, the showcase sequences are decidedly vanilla for a film that pushes its risquéness. Still despite the film’s lack of tension or decent plotting there emerged a carnival-like atmosphere at the public preview screening. There’s potential for a fun time here, but it amounts to little more than giggling and eye-rolling and not in a good, sexy kinda way.

Words – Luke Maxwell



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