CAFE GUIDE: The Punnet

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The Punnet is a health food shop that offers customers a comprehensive range of healthy lunches, snacks and products difficult to find anywhere else nationwide – and if they don’t have what you ‘re looking for simply ask and they will find it for you! The Punnet’s range of detox programs are also second to none, with 3/5 day fruit and veg or veg only juice cleanses and 5 day salad plans that take care of your food concerns for the week while all the nutrients and goodness take care of you. The Punnet is the only place in Ireland to offer such a service dedicating itself to fresh, quality food and juices and rich flavourful coffee including the ‘Bulletproof’.

The Punnet
94/95 Lower Mount Street, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Dance Festival 2017
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Psychology Ireland – Panorama
Psychology Ireland – Panorama