CAFE GUIDE: Café Guide: Kaph

Central Bank of Ireland Visitor Centre

Kaph, the newest addition to the creative quarter @ 31 Drury Street is an independent speciality coffee shop with a difference. From its red industrial stools, up-cycled mannequin window display cushions to an aged copper bar, the café flirts with Scandinavian minimalism, while playing an eclectic mix of new folk and electronica. For the folks at Kaph, its all about the coffee, from the Anfim grinders to our Nuova Simonelli mothership we are dedicated to serving you the best brew – from the award winning HASBEAN artisan roaster. Drop in, have a brew and grab a bag to take home, we stock a wide range of single estate varietals and grind to order! Check out our first floor pop-up gallery, featuring the latest eclectic artists that haunt the hippest little district in Dublin!

Launched by Chris Keegan and designed by Sarah Bargus, both Chris and Sarah are really interested in creating space for the café to become a neighbourhood creative hub, by letting artists and designers use the 1st floor as a free creative pop us store; ‘making space@ Kaph! Taking the cue of café as cultural linchpin from Paris and Berlin, we have transcribed the independent eclectic design and ethos to a Dublin setting while serving coffee from arguably best artisan roaster in the world! Let the debating begin…

Café Guide: Kaph
31 Drury Street, Dublin 2
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