BAR GUIDE: Bar Guide: The Porterhouse, Temple Bar

Central Bank of Ireland Visitor Centre

The Porterhouse, Temple Bar opened in 1996 as Dublin’s first microbrewery. Brewing three stouts, three lagers and three ales in the tiny brewery created much demand for the brews and lead to the growth of the craft beer market. In fact The Porterhouse pioneered craft brewing in Ireland and thus followed the opening of several craft breweries around the country. Every season, The Porterhouse hold beer festivals, Stout and Whiskey Festival March/April, Belgian Beer and Mussels Festival in July, Indian Summer Beer Festival of IPAs in September, Oktoberfest in October and Czech Beer Festival in November. (See website for details) To celebrate such festivals, seasonal brews are introduced such Bohemia Freakout, Hemp Beer, Chocolate Truffle Stout, Hersbrucker Oktoberfest Vienna and Kolsch just to name but a few!

Bar Guide: The Porterhouse, Temple Bar
16-18 Parliament St Dublin 2
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